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#GistMall:_Adobe updates Photoshop Express to v3.3 and Photoshop Mix to v2.5

Adobe has long since abandoned the idea of producing “real” versions of Photoshop for mobile devices. Instead, it’s fond of bite-sized apps that do a few image manipulation tricks with a simpler interface. Two of them are getting updates today: Photoshop Mix and Photoshop Express. One is getting a lot of features, and the other is only getting one.

Let’s start with the bigger update, which is Photoshop Express.

So, better sharing, more RAW files supported, and auto-straightening. That’s all good stuff. You can also control the size and quality of your exports. The size of the app itself has been reduced as well.

Photoshop Mix is more straightforward.

This update appears to be part of Adobe’s ongoing efforts to make its apps better on Chromebooks. Photoshop Mix now understands keyboard shortcuts, so you won’t have to reach out and touch the screen as much.

Both these updates are live in the Play Store.

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