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#GistMall:_Should looters get the death penalty?

The death penalty has is often associated with cases bordering on armed robbery and murder, but recently a law was enacted in Lagos state, one which will ensure that persons involved in kidnapping may get to face the noose. In the light of these development, the question needs to be asked,

“Should those who loot Nigeria’s treasury be made to face the death penalty?”. For some the answer is an outright “NO!” and they argue that people must be given time to pay for their crimes and the society must find a way to reclaim such erring ones into grace.

There are others who believe that stealing from the nation’s coffers has impoverished Nigeria and many have died from this unpatriotic act. They believe that death is the most suitable penalty for corruption, and looters need to pay the price as to serve as a deterrent to those behind them.

What did you think that will be done to looters as a penalty for their crime committed?

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