The Pixel is a product with generation-one product issues. The Bluetooth performance is horrid. It’s not waterproof. The bezels really are due for a shrink. I don’t think the exterior coating on the black and blue variants is of a particularly high quality. The glass window gets scuffed up incredibly easily. The Snapdragon 821 is officially old news. And it doesn’t support proper advanced network features across all four of the big US carriers.

There are other flaws I could point to, and while none of them are too terrible, they do speak to the slightly-rushed development cycle this phone seems to have been subjected to. Sure, Google got some things astoundingly right: the performance, the camera, the larger software experience. In fact, I think the Pixel is easily the best Android smartphone ever for these strengths, at least if we’re talking about me personally as a user (your mileage, obviously, may vary). But for all the great, smooth, fast, clean, pure, simple, natural, and various other adjective-members singing in the Pixel-praise cavalcade, this phone is not the one to buy right now.