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TRENDING!!! President Buhari Health turns CRITICAL- UK Doctors Reveals

President Buhari returned to London on Sunday, May 7, 2017 for a scheduled follow-up medical checkup after receiving the recently released 82 Chibok girls.



We should recall that President Buhari had parts of his colon removed in 2013 and also had another operation to have hemorrhoids, swollen veins near the human rectum removed in 2016 during one of his secret trips to seek urgent medical treatment.

It was revealed that apart from a lingering prostrate flare-up and other chronic conditions, the Nigerian leader has also recently been battling with a  serious persistent “internal organ” problem, a fact reported on Sunday.

Two of the doctors stated that it was likely that President Buhari’s course of treatment for his prostrate and other issues led

Who wants President Buhari dead? However, a presidential source said that the Nigerian leader was probably to leave London for Abuja next week.
The source also revealed that President Buhari spent a day at a hospital in the capital of Great Britain where he did a series of tests to determine the nature of his ear disorder and a course of treatment.
He rejected to name the hospital where the president underwent his checkup. The doctors in London reportedly determined that Buhari’s ear got infected after one of Nigerian doctors “cleaned” his ear when he complained about a loss of hearing from that ear. The source also noted that the president’s ear was cleaned again, and antibiotics

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