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#GistMall:_Let’s go back to farming – South-east youths make a nationwide call

Our correspondent gathered that some youths in the south-eastern part of Nigeria have taken it upon themselves to make a call for people to return to farming. In recent times, especially since the fall of oil prices worldwide, Nigeria has made attempts to diversify its economy which was solely dependent on oil.

Agriculture which was the next big thing the economy depended on, seems to have become the focus as the government tried to push for Nigeria to also become an agriculture-dependent economy. In line with this, some youths in the south-east have chosen to go back to farming, and have started a movement called #OruUgbo2017 (#farming2017) for others to join, as it has become necessary.

The youths in south-eastern Nigeria have gone back to farming. In several posts shared on a Facebook page called Ndi Igbo Kwenu, several youths have joined the movement and are returning to farming which was quite popular in the ‘olden days’. Onwe Udoka shared his own post with the caption “Ka anyi ganye nu aka n’oru ugbo, o ga-eme ka nri buru aturu tawa” (translated: Let us join in farming, it will make food excess).

Ndidigwe Nenye Licia shared her post with the caption: “Nnaa mennnh! Okwa oru ugbo dizi onboard now. Oburukwa na ibidobero, Biko gbaa mbo hu na-itinyere ihe n’ala. Okwa maka ndu gi ooo! (translated: Nnaa Mennnh! Farming is the latest/fashionable thing now.

If you haven’t started, ensure that you plant something. It’s for your own good oo!) Okoro Obinna Eze Nnunu, shared his post with the caption: “Omenala ga-adi, oru ugbo bu oru oma” (translated: custom and tradition must be upheld, farming is good work)

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