Smartwatches haven’t exactly taken off. In fact, a number of electronics companies have pulled back on plans for Android Wear including Motorola, Sony, and Asus. That’s left fewer smartphone makers in the fray, but there are also fashion designers and traditional watch designers dabbling in Wear. We will see a lot more of these smartwatches in 2017, and one of them is the extremely spendy Tag Heuer Connected Modular 45.

This is the second Android Wear device from Tag Heuer, and like the first one, it’s being produced in partnership with Intel. It has a lot in common with the company’s other watches, for example the high price tag. The Connected Modular 45 starts at $1,500 and can reach around $5,000 if you really go all out. However, it’s not better at any of the typical smartwatch things than other devices—actually, it’s worse at some of them. It’s a real head-scratcher.