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Coincheck Announces JPY Withdrawals Will Resume Next Week

Coincheck Plans to Resume JPY Withdrawals Next Week

According to the Japanese exchange Coincheck, the platform will resume yen withdrawals next week. The exchange says that a temporary suspension of JPY operations was put in place to protect the assets of Coincheck customers. The company says that “outside experts” are working with the trading platform to ensure withdrawals are ready for February 13th. Right now Coincheck reveals customer assets are being held by another party.

“Currently, all customer JPY assets are being stored in a customer-specific account in a major financial institution,” explains the Japanese exchange.

We plan to resume normal operations for JPY withdrawals from the following date and will process customer requests in the order in which they come in. 

The Resumption of JPY Withdrawals Is Unrelated to XEM Reparation Payments

Coincheck also notes that the withdrawals of JPY and the date mentioned is completely “unrelated to reparation payments for the XEM.” Just before the first of February Coincheck had announced that approximately 260,000 affected accounts ($423Mn USD) would be reimbursed. Balances will be repaid in JPY via the Coincheck Wallet the firm has stated and will be valued at approximately $0.81 USD per token. At the moment that price is much more than the current rate XEM tokens are being sold for as the spot price is $0.56 per coin.

Withdrawal requests will be initiated on a first come — first serve basis, and Coincheck says the company may contact certain customers separately in order to confirm withdrawal details. As far as cryptocurrencies operations are concerned the exchange plans to lift withdrawal restrictions as soon as the company feels they are “able to guarantee the secure resumption of operations for each feature.”

“If further complications preventing the safe resumption of withdrawals are discovered, the resumption date may be extended in order to guarantee customer asset security,” Coincheck concludes.

What do you think about Coincheck preparing to resume operations after the recent hack? Do you think the exchange will fulfill its promise to pay back the XEM at $0.81 per coin? Let us know your thoughts on this story in the comments below.

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